Strategy Simulation System that give insights into Future Strategy Decision Making

We show you the results of your future strategy selection at a glance.

Scenario planning methodology and automatic simulation broaden your choice of strategy.

We add confidence to your choices in an uncertain business environment.


Financial Risk Management

Assessment of Financial risk due to fluctuations in the company's external environment (interest rate/foreign exchange rate/liquidity) Risk stage diagnosis and monitoring Action plan support for responding to risk stages

AI time series

AI-based time series prediction

Price prediction and demand prediction using big data and AI machine learning algorithms
Improved predictive power compared to traditional statistical techniques
Dramatically improved modeling speed through parallel automatic learning


Environment, social value, governance

Obligated to disclose ESG TCFD due to the reinforcement of interest in sustainability management from around the world.
Reflect and disclose the cost of purchasing carbon credits in the financial statements.
Present a systematic guide for implementation plans for each business type