Board Detail

  • Development of marketing intelligence solutions based on customer value

  • Development of Marketing intelligence solutions based on customer value

    Supervision: Kookmin University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation
    Participating Universities: Sogang University, Soongsil University
    Participating Research Institute: Pohang Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology
    Participating companies: HUCORE, Dongseo Research, etc.

    In all marketing stages from product planning, prototype production to sales and market management
    Verifying market feasibility in advance and securing opportunities to improve products and services in advance,
    Intelligence marketing decision support tool that minimizes the opportunity cost of product/service commercialization

    Major Research Area
    Efficient collection technology of customer data
    Marketing survey automation technology
    Marketing data analysis technology
    Marketing decision-making automatic learning technology

    HUCORE : Developing automatic learning technology for marketing decision making